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Hot Dogs in the News

July 20, 2008

I’ve recently had a few hot dog-related newspaper articles forwarded to me by friends, and have caught a few on my own, so I wanted to take a break from writing about my own experiences and highlight these articles. And, because hot dogs and baseball are synonymous with summertime in America, all of these articles are about the two pieces of Americana.

The New York Times has been a great source for a few hot dog articles of note. The first article I had been turned on to (thanks to my friend Paul) was about the new ballpark foods trying to compete with the almighty hot dog. This hilarious story (thanks Hank!) about ballpark vendors in another era relates the dangers and misfires of the author as a young hot dog salesman at Ebbets Field.

The Boston Globe, not to be outdone, has three recent pieces about franks; unsurprisingly enough, most deal with the fabled Fenway Park. The first was a blurb piece about how there are automated hot dog vending machines that dispense kosher dogs. Expect to see a post on this blog about the machine after I next visit the park. Next up is an article with an overview of Fenway’s frank offerings. I’m a little surprised at the choice of names for one of their hot dogs–what seems to be their Cadillac of offerings, the “Gourmet Dog”. This seems to be little more than a natural casing frank. Really, is that gourmet? I guess innards are back in vogue among gastronomists now–look out kobe beef dog, it’s all about guts now! The last article is about the traveling “Baseball as America” exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. Apparently when I go to the exhibit next week I’ll be greeted with a fine selection of encased meats to choose from. If I were Homer Simpson, this is the moment I would shout an expectant “Woo Hoo!”

Last, but certainly not least, is this rather droll New Yorker cartoon about the fine art of hot dogs. Now this cartoon from the New Yorker I actually understand!

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