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Hot Dogs, Football, and the Collossal Tire of Doom

September 30, 2008

It was 100% humidity at Bonnel Field in Caldwell NJ.  The clouds occasionally parted and unleashed an oppressive sun.  The conditions were perfect for rec football.  An imposing 11 year old defensive tackle named Marc McDonald took the field for the West Essex Cowboys.  He’s Ali’s nephew, and little did he know that the game would actually serve as the backdrop for another entry to the hot dog blog. 

Walk up to the snack bar and you can get a hot dog and a coke for $3.  There’s nothing like a snack bar hot dog, with all its mysterious chewy parts.  I enjoyed it and the game.  Here’s the hot dog and Marc.




The day also included an interesting find by an intrepid explorer named Dean Michael McDonald.  He discovered a giant tractor tire behind the bleachers.  He also found a broken camera tripod and tried to pry up the tire, but it was too heavy.  He enlisted the help of the older West Essex A team to help him prop it up.  Dean Michael rolled the tire over to us and indicated that he wanted to use the tire as a seat.  He then named it the Collossal Tire of Doom.  I’m not sure why; he’ll have to tell you.


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