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Bad Dawgs

October 15, 2008

This past week, I was going a little stir crazy at work because it was a beautiful day out. Figuring I’d enjoy a long walk, I set off for a hot dog stand I had been eyeing along my route to the T when going home. The name of the stand–Bad Dawgs–should have been warning enough but I’m a man obsessed and there’s almost nothing that can keep me from trying a new dog stand.

Going in, I noticed two more warning signs: one, hardly anyone was eating there; two, the place was a cavern on the inside with no personality. After seeing the price for a hot dog–almost $9 for a meal with fries and a drink–I figured this was going to be a bust. I anted up $4 for a Golden Retriever, which the friendly cashier recommended me as his favorite. The hot dog had bacon, lettuce, mayo,and tomatoes atop a lukewarm and dull beef hot dog which had been taken out of a steamer but had previously been grilled. Hot dogs are the easiest meals to prepare, so grilling and then subjecting it to a steam bath really perplexes me–the only reason I can come up for it is a sake of expediency, so it smacks of laziness. The BLT mix on the dog was conceptually interesting, if somewhat bland in flavor–but aren’t most BLT’s?

The guys running the stand were nice enough and told me all about how the place was going to be changing soon. Apparently the change had already started, because they had already cut down the hot dog menu by half, but much more is in store: they plan on serving beer and will put in pool tables downstairs, intending to keep the place open and serving hot dogs until 3am. The most telling part of their renovation is that they’re considering installing a beer pong table–I wasn’t too surprised at this, since they’re just blocks from Northeastern and Berklee.  But really, a beer pong table?!?  I wonder if that’s even legal . . . .

After my one hot dog, which was all I could stand to afford, I hightailed it to Spike’s and had a wonderful dog with fries and a drink for $6. The picture says it all.

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