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Last Visit of the Season . . .

November 7, 2008

Last weekend Sam and I decided to run around the lake in Wakefield, the town just north of us in Melrose.  What motivated the run was that we had just driven past the lake, on our way back from getting $600 worth of camping gear for $150 at REI’s garage sale, and seen how beautiful it looked on a nice Indian Summer day.  That, and I had smelled the big green egg cooking some encased meats at Fred’s Franks, which sits right at the edge of the Wakefield lake.  We went home, threw on some running clothes, and headed back north . . . .

We parked the car in the lot next to Fred’s set up, and began a three-mile run around the lake.  I’ve never run so fast, nor felt such a lack of fatigue.  I’ve never run three miles before, but it felt like I was taking a leisurely walk in the park knowing that a shnurble awaited the end of my run.  “Eating a hot dog and chorizo concoction at the end of a long run,” you just be thinking, “are you mad?”  Yes, my friends:  mad about hot dogs!

I don’t think I’ve tasted anything so delicious, with the exception of my first Speed’s hot dog.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures, but you can see what it all looks like from previous posts.  I had a shnurble with the ying yang mix, and was transported to weenie heaven.  The bliss of encased meats enveloped me, my heart fluttered and my mind went blank.  I almost had a second one but Sam cautioned me that we had just finished with a run and I might be overextending myself.  As always, she was right, but I still pine for that second helping because that was the last day Fred’s Franks was open for the season.  See you again next year, Fred and I’ll be thinking of that delightful monstrosity until then!


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