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The Texas Tommy

December 17, 2008

In order to celebrate my last day in Graduate school, I stopped by The Lower Depths and, with a couple of friends, began to drink myself silly.  After the third (or was it fourth?) beer I realized I needed to get a little something in my belly so I went for a Texas Tommy.  The Texas Tommy is a charred hot dog wrapped in bacon and smothered in jalapeno nacho cheese and BBQ sauce.  Sounds delicious, no?  Well it certainly did sound good to me at the time, especially when the bartender first told me about it I thought he was calling it the Texas Tummy.

The Texas Tommy was a delicious blending of the two sauces, especially with the spice of the jalapeno, and the dog was rightly charred so it could hold up to the intense flavors.  Since The Lower Depths is a bar they’ve matched up all their specials (which this was one of) with a beer.  Unfortunately I already had a beer in front of me so I had to drink the Ballantine’s XXX Ale after eating the dog.  The pairing made sense, because the bold flavors of the dog overpowered anything else you ate or drank with it, so why not drink something that tastes like piss?

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