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NYC Weenies pt 2

January 8, 2009

Okay, I’m stranded in Back Bay, waiting for a commuter train to take me to work after the ice and rain of last night shut down the Orange line, so how could one pass the time better than to write about their hot dog experiences?

After leaving Willie’s Dawgs, Alex and I struck out on our own to Hallo Berlin’s restaurant near Times Square. While walking through the Square, I found this sad and dejected dog resting on the walk outside of Penn Station. Don’t worry, I had enough sense and pride not to be tempted to eat it.

The restaurant was my idea, having seen it listed on Holly Eats, a website that has beaten me to many dog stands. Holly had reviewed the food cart and given it good reviews, but of she had gone to the restaurant I bet she would have changed her mind.

I guess I was looking for an experience akin to the one I had at Resi’s in Chicago and this was shamefully far from it. The first sign that should have tipped me off that this wouldn’t stand up to Resi’s was that, when Alex asked the bartender for a seven & seven, the bartender had no clue how to make it. For Christ’s sake, the ingredients are in the name! After ordering we were presented with our encased meats, set in a hard roll and topped with sauerkraut, red cabbage, fried onions, and mustard.

I ordered the bratwurst but ended up with a frankfurter. I believe Alex had the bauenwurst but he might correct me on that.

Like I said, I was pretty disappointed in the whole experience and wished we had gone to Crif’s instead. Their potato salad was really the only passable item. The frank was cold when I got it, had obviously already been cooked and then reheated, the sauerkraut and cabbage were mushy and had too much vinegar, and the mustard was pretty forgettable.

On the ride home I was bouyed by the train mural, which was a representation of the idealized Coney Island. Yay hot dog summer! Next time in NYC I promise to hit up Crif’s and another stand Alex has mentioned.

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