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Lamb Sausage at Dogmatic

February 20, 2009

The spring semester started a few weeks ago.  Time to go back to the Barnes & Noble textbook store on 5th Ave and 18th Street and spend a lot of money on books I will barely read.  Or maybe I wanted to go there because I wanted to try the recently opened Dogmatic on 17th Street near Union Square.  The place models its sandwiches on European street food.  They also use organic ingredients and tell you where all their ingredients come from.  This was a type of sausage sandwich I have not had before.  The decor and furniture reminded me of something out of a futuristic and functional Ikea set.  Check out this really long table in the middle of the space.  You can pull out retractable slabs of wooden seats from underneath the table.


There was a very large white tile mural of the city enjoying sausage sandwiches on the left of the picture.  The tall glowing rectangle in the middle of the picture was the giant glass menu.  So here’s the deal with the sandwiches: It consists of a hollowed-out baguette with special sauce and a sausage inserted into the middle.  It is not open like a typical hot dog/sausage roll.  The first sandwich I got was lamb sausage with mint yogurt sauce.  It was delicious and reminded me of middle eastern/greek lamb dishes with cucumber mint yogurt.  I also got a Strawberry soda, one of several types of soda they make fresh on site.  At first it didn’t really taste like strawberry, but after a while I began to taste a subtle resemblance to strawberry jelly.  It was very refreshing and not sugary tasting.   Here’s what the sausage looked like:


What I found interesting was that they grill their baguettes from the inside out.  To do this, they use an innovative type of grill which consists of a spike that the bun sits on.  The quality of the picture isn’t too good but you get the idea.


I got a 2nd sandwich which consisted of pork sausage with sundried tomato feta sauce.  This was good but the sauce just reminded me a little of gooey cheddar.  It was tasty but I was a bigger fan of the lamb/yogurt combo.  The staff here were really friendly and brought over 2 unsolicited free samples of ice cream.  The experience was fun, and made me forget about the ridiculous amount of money I had to spend on books for school.

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  1. February 20, 2009 3:48 pm

    holy cow Alex, I’m jealous! The first time I’d heard of this style of sausage & roll I was a fan–think I saw it on some travel/food show–maybe Bourdain’s show?

  2. Hervé permalink
    July 21, 2010 12:49 pm

    looks suspiciously similar to a “chien chaud”

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