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Polish Specialties at Karczma

February 27, 2009

I recently met with my friend Jim for dinner.  After trying to figure out where to eat, he sent me a text message saying “How about a Polish feast?”  Uh…Yeah!  So I picked him up and we drove to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which has a very large Polish population.  He took me to Karczma, his favorite place.  I basically ordered off of Jim’s recommendations.  I started off with the White Borscht in Bread, which also had pieces of sausage and a hard boiled egg.  This soup was really great, my first bowl of white borscht.  Does this mean there are white beets?


Jim considered getting an order of grilled blood sausage, but decided to order to salmon tartar instead.  He had made the claim that this was probably the best raw fish dish he has ever had.  A bold statement, but probably not far off.  It seemed like it was very finely chopped, a texture in between pieces and pate.  This was pretty incredible.  Here he is enjoying himself, clearly in some kind of euphoric state.


The main entree however, was the very large and inexpensive Plate of Polish Specialties!  For $10, you get 2 potato pancakes, 3 or 4 pierogis, stuffed cabbage, hunter’s stew (which seemed like cabbage and beef), and Polish Kielbasa!  The kielbasa was beautifully grilled, moist and smokey.  I was really stuffed and couldn’t finish everything.  My goal is to go back and get a bigger dish of kielbasa and blood sausage. 


This was a great experience.  The place opened up in 2007, and it has a traditional look.  And for some reason, there’s a well in the middle of the restaurant. 


Go here for Polish food when you’re in Brooklyn!

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