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The Color Purple

March 2, 2009

Tough macroeconomic conditions have forced many of us to forgo the bull-market luxuries (truffles, foie gras) we became accustomed to.  Nowadays, simpler staples (cabbage, hot dogs) will have to suffice.

Actually, I know I’m not fooling anyone – I’ve always kept a pack of dogs in the freezer to sate my frequent cravings for encased meat, even when my net worth broke the eight-figure mark.  Last week, however, back in two-figure reality, I had quite a breakthrough on the hot-dogs-at-homefront: I perfected my purple cabbage topping.

purple cabbage in pan

First, I sauteed an onion in some olive oil until it was soft and a bit caramelized.  Then I threw in some garlic and the chopped cabbage.  After the cabbage had cooked a bit, I added a few tablespoons of cider vinegar, some brown sugar, salt, and a healthy dose of crushed red pepper.  Cranking up the heat a bit, I kept cooking until the cabbage was soft and most of the liquid in the pan had evaporated.  Voila.  Now all you need are some dogs.

dogs with purple cabbage

I had mine with some melted provolone on the bun, which was a bit of a mistake – I always forget how strong provolone gets when you melt it.  In any case, the purple concoction was quite tasty – kind of like a sweet relish/sauerkraut hybrid.  It was tangy and spicy, but without the sourness or acidity of kraut (which of course has its time and place).  Next time I think I’m going to add some chopped apples – shucks, I guess that means I’m gonna have to eat hot dogs again.

(The dogs, by the way, are my standby – Trader Joe’s, all-beef, natural casing.)

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