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Hot Dog Heaven – Avon, OH

March 3, 2009

Hot Dog Heaven Logo

35952 Detroit Rd
Avon, OH 44011

Ahhhh, how lucky was I to find these fellow connoisseurs of America’s invention, the hot dog.  I’m not sure if I decided to sign on for this so that I could blog or if I really just wanted to formalize an excuse to find hot dog joints.   If there were Special Forces for hot dog eaters we would be your DELTA Force.  Instead of seek and destroy, we seek and consume!

On with my most recent find, Hot Dog Heaven.  Hot Dog Heaven currently has two locations, one in Avon, OH and one in Amherst, OH (roughly about 10 miles apart.)  Some of you may have heard of Hot Dog Heaven as a fast food restaurant mentioned in the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle where Rosenberg and Goldstein go on their separate quest going to Hot Dog Heaven while they almost crash into Harold and Kumar’s car.  Later in the movie, Harold and Kumar give up looking for White Castle until they see Rosenberg and Goldstein eating inside Hot Dog Heaven, which gives Harold the will to go on with their journey.

Rosenberg: “We got the munchies so we decided to go to Hot Dog Heaven! How about you? How was White Castle?”
Harold: “We haven’t gotten there yet… I think I may have rabies.”

So, I’m not alone when I say Hot Dog Heaven has something special going on, even Rosenberg couldn’t resist, and I can see why.   The HDH in Avon is a cross between a hot dog joint and Starbucks, as strange as that may sound, it works quite well in this neighborhood of Avon.  No knock on the folks of Avon, but they set themselves apart, or try to, with the “where do you live?  Oh, we live in Avon.”  like that is supposed to impress me that they overpaid for their home and all drive the same Mercedes.  Lemmings!  Regardless, they have a gem in Hot Dog Heaven and it’s worth melding with the yuppies to get a taste of their fare.  I’ve actually been to this HDH quite a few times, but this time I had an added benefit of being a contributor to this blog, so my senses were all full alert (remember, we’re like DELTA Force.)  Hitman One this is Hitman Two Actual.. I have a visual on the Kill Zone.  Affirmative Hitman Two Actual… Stay Frosty!  And with that I entered….

Hot Dog Joint Meets Starbucks
Once inside I proceeded directly to the counter, to see what my options were.  I started with the basics, what a true hot dog joint must establish before I can give an approval.  3 dogs, chili sauce, mustard and onions… and just to make sure I didn’t walk away hungry, I threw in a side of cheese fries.   One bite into the chili dogs and it was obvious, this wasn’t a place that just throws together some meat and tomato sauce and calls it chili.  This is more of a hot dog sauce than just a regular chilli sauce.  It is a light meat sauce with a little zing.  While I can usually pick out flavors, this one is really hard to nail down, and it would not have been proper for me to ask John O, one of the partners who owns the place, his secret ingredients.  Rumor has it that we could see this sauce hitting the store shelves in the future… I certainly hope that happens, I’d love to pull that out of my bag of tricks and make it look like I made this concoction.  Anyway, I’m diverting here a bit, so back to the review.

I followed my original order with a discussion with John O’Flanagan, co-owner, about HDH.   John has some psuedo celeb’s who frequent this place like Frank Caliendo from MadTV and FrankTV.  Frank’s wife is from Avon and the spend 2 months out of the year in Avon.  Frank always stops in for his hot dog fix and has even sported a HDH t-shirt on the road during radio interviews.   After talking about his sauce and the celeb’s (a lot of the local sports guys come here – Cleveland Indians and Browns players) John twisted my arm to get me to try some of his other dogs.   My wife’s dinner was still 2 hours away, so I knew I could slide a few more dogs down and still make an attempt at dinner.  John said I had to try his slaw dog and his chilli cheese dog.

Slaw Dog and Cilli Cheese Dog

The slaw dog was the same as the Junk Yard Dog I had at another establishment, chili sauce, mustard, and some cole slaw on top.   This one had some gusto though.  The slaw was nice, it wasn’t runny like a lot of slaws are, which kept the bun in tact and not all mush.  The flavor really blended well.  Slaw dogs are more popular in the South and I think any Rebel would give these a big thumbs up.  It’s hard for me to ever say something was better than just chili, mustard and onions, but I must admit, the chili cheese dog really made me think twice and I can see myself converting over when I come to HDH.  This chili cheese dog is made the way you want it… the original sauce of HDH and then liquid cheese.  The nice, hot, runny, ozzing cheese sauce like you get on nacho’s.  I know my arteries were screaming with delight!

John told me about the original store in Amherst, OH which is an old house redone to serve food.  I was hoping to get there before I posted this review, but ran out of time.  I’ll be sure to visit the Amerhest location soon though.  Awesome place!  Aweosme dogs!

This is Hitman Two Actual, I am Oscar Mike.  Stay Frosty!

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  1. brooklynalex permalink*
    March 4, 2009 2:52 pm

    yo banksy! glad you joined us! i think we should start calling you CMO instead of banksy. i was telling mike the other day that i think this blog gave me the excuse to start eating as many dogs from as many different places as possible. now i think i want to just start collecting pictures of places instead of actually eating them.

  2. March 4, 2009 4:23 pm

    you eat places? man, that deserves another blog. the restaurant i ate. sounds catchy . . .

    banksy, we could have this whole david simon thing going on with the blog . . . the wire & generation kill, a la hot dogs? maybe, like bunk and mcnulty, we could all head over to the tracks and eat hot dogs while guzzling jameson’s after a long day of busting touts. just a thought.

  3. Banksy permalink
    March 4, 2009 4:38 pm

    I’m glad someone caught my reference in there to Genreation Kill, and the addition of The Wire is a great thought. I’m a HBO and SHO originals junkie as well, so I think I’ve got to try to encorporate more of that lingo into some of my posts. In the words of Senator Clay Davis. “shhhhhheeeeeeeeiiiittttttttttt.” *lol*

    I’m not a happy camper that either that GPS took me to w different hot dog joints here in Titusville this week that are not hot dog joints. They must have went out of business years ago or be crap waypoints. No I have to divert my return back to Orlando International and make extra time before the flight to find a place in Orlando if I hope to get a FLA joint post. Most likely the laziness factor is going to kick in and it won’t happen.

    Your Truly,


  4. john o'flanagan permalink
    April 18, 2013 6:36 pm

    john o’flanagan from east coast dreams of hot dogs,4 with the works.


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