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A new day for the friendly Fenway Frank

April 1, 2009

In New England, the Fenway Frank is synonymous for hot dogs, especially during baseball season.  I’ve never been much of a fan, and maybe the reason why is because I had tasted the Fenway Frank, as made by Sara Lee (why would I want my hot dog and cupcake to come from the same manufacturer?)–it was a pretty pale imitation of the better, locally made Kayem dogs.  Well, the Boston Globe broke the news today that Kayem will be making the Fenway Frank (I can hear the cheers thoughout Boston), so I’m pretty sure that will mean a better dog will be served out of the vendor’s baskets.  I’ll be going to a Red Sox game the weekend after opening day, so I’ll let you all know what the new Fenway Frank tastes like.

The article linked above was pretty good, gives a history of Kayem in addition to a video of the new Fenway Franks being made.  The best bit was the joke by Kayem’s VP that ended the article:

“What’s difference between a Yankee dog and a Fenway Frank?

“You can get Fenway Franks in October.”

Check out the video below:

And, since it’s April Fool’s, a bit of levity (or just a taste of the bizarre):

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