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Mac & Cheese Dogs at Ditch Plains

May 3, 2009

You spent how much on 2 hot dogs?  $14?  Yup, that’s what I said.  And you know what, I’m gonna go back at some point and do it again.  Ditch Plains is the nicest (read: trendy, minimal) place that I have ordered a hot dog.  The place has kind of a gastropub type feel, bright and breezy, right in the middle of the west village on Downing St. and Bedford St.  ditch-plains-007


A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that Martha Stewart did a whole show on hot dogs.  She specifically singled out this place for their Ditch Dog, and the main chef showed how they prepare everything.  They use skinless Sabrett’s dogs on a grill, and they had a lot of flavor.  The mac n’ cheese is made with milk, heavy cream, white american cheese, parmesean, and gruyere.  I thought it was perfectly cheesed, not too gooey, but also very mild.  A little salt sprinkle really pulled out the flavor.  On the show, the chef said they didn’t heat their buns (Martin’s potato rolls), but mine clearly had some great looking grill marks.  They serve you two of these monsters on top of a bed of seasoned french fries. 


I had this rush of excitement and anxiety all at the same time.  It looked so great, but so huge.  I don’t have as big an appetite as I used to, and thought I might have some trouble with this.  A guy next to me saw my plate and his eyes got really wide.  He also thought the dogs looked great and commented that I was probably not going anywhere for a while.  I interpreted this in 2 ways: 1)This is going to take a while to eat, 2)I won’t want to move after eating all of this.  Afterwards, I realized that both were true.  This was a heavy meal that definitely needed pacing, and unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the fries.  I was really happy with my lunch, but also felt like I was hauling a bowling ball around in my stomach.  I definitely have to go back.  The menu also lists Sloppy Dogs, to which the waitress informed me that they are 2 hot dogs topped with sloppy joe.  She suggested that when I come back, I get one Ditch Dog and one Sloppy Dog.  She is very wise and I will most likely do what she says.  Finally, here’s a picture which shows a little bit of the girth of this dog.


I ate this around 4:30 PM today and I didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.  It’s 2:45 AM and I’m still not hungry.   Kudos to the Ditch Dogs!

Ditch Plains, 29 Bedford Street, New York NY 10014


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