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Fenway Franks!

May 31, 2009

Okay, there’s really no getting around this–I’ve drug my feet for the past two or three weeks posting this, and I just don’t remember much about the friendly Fenway Frank experience.  However, I do remember this cheery guy below, and the fact that we partied like it was going out of style.

See, Tim’s taking the plunge into wedded bliss and I don’t have the chance to go to his bachelor party in Las Vegas.  To begin the process of atonement, I brought Tim to the Red Sox vs. Rays game on Mother’s Day.  Since my family still lives in Indiana, Tim was the closest thing I could find to a mother–warm, encouraging, and imbued with a desire to make me a happy little boy.  Like all good games at Fenway, our started well in advance with several rounds of beer and a plate of (vegetarian!) nachos at The Other Side.  Once at the game, the rounds continued and yes, we were the kind of guys that buy the limit of two beers at a time.  The Red Sox won a close game (4 – 3) and Tim & I sang all the songs as best we could in our beery voices (Sweet Caroline, Dirty Water, etc.).

Lamentably, I remember little more than that.  At some point I bought peanuts from the peanut man, a hot dog from the hot dog man, and Tim & I bandied about witty enough banter to entertain the folks sitting around us.

You might be able to discern the state I was in by the location of the hot dog in relation to my crotch.  I remember that it was a much better hot dog than the old franks made by Sara Lee.  Kayem is a local encased meat maker and I’ve always enjoyed their dogs–especially their old fashioned-style dog, with a snappy natural casing.  The Fenway Frank doesn’t have the casing, but it does have a wonderful garlic & spice overtones to complement the hearty beef flavor.

I can guarantee that this guy enjoyed his hot dog.  In a couple more weeks, I’ll be going back to Fenway and trying another round of hot dogs.  Let’s hope I remember a little bit more this time around.


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