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reunited with the best hot dog in Boston

May 2, 2010

For those of you who keep current with the blog, you know about the great tease that occured a couple of weekends ago, but what you don’t know is that I’ve experienced a great tease the weekend following. Having made a promise to make another go of it, Awesome Peterson, Kentucky-fried Ben, Samantha & myself descended upon Speed’s. Damned if when I pulled up Speed’s was shuttered! Gregg was sitting in his car so when I gave him the “wtf?!” face he rolled down his window and told me it was too windy for hot dogs. Too windy? Granted, the wind was really ripping across the empty parking lot, and Gregg explained that it was putting a damper on his coal grill. I could tell he felt bad for this destraught hot dog blogger because he kindly offered to make one for me but I didn’t want to leave everyone else out, so settled for a strategic retreat for better weather and another day.

self-portrait of man and dog

Now Kentucky-fried Ben and Awesome Peterson took a different approach from me and went the third Saturday in a row, which paid off handsomely.  Since I wasn’t able to participate in that outing, I found myself faced with a beautiful day off last Monday with nothing to do so I trucked on down to Newmarket Square–making sure to call Gregg first.

the messiest hot dog in Boston

 And pay off it did:  I didn’t even have to wait in line to get a chance to eat the best (and messiest) hot dog in Boston.  The behemoth, which weighs in at a half-pound of nitrate-infused encased meats, takes two bites before you can move along the length of the dog.  The cranberry relish and raisin BBQ sauce dribbled off of the dog with each bite, leaving me with a puddle of sweet, tart sauce at the end so that I was tempted to ask for a spoon so I could finish it off.

staring down the barrel of a dog

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to eat a Speed’s Dog, the best description I can give of a loaded dog is that it’s a sensory overload–the dog, which is marinated, smoked, and grilled comes across with a beefy flavor that holds up to the cavalcade of toppings.  The sweet BBQ, tart relish, blended mustards and sharp onions vie for supremity but in the end leave you with an overall impression that you could never replicate.

an unflattering dog-chomping shot

It’s impossible to imagine another hot dog that could compete with Speed’s–others do just as good of a job with their signature RGD (real good dog) but if hot dogs were stocks, Speed’s would be a blue chip.  It’s the hot dog worthy of a road trip, and if you live in Boston and haven’t yet had one then it’s a horrible mistake you need to correct immediately.

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