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Classic Cars and Super Duper Weenie

June 6, 2010

I feel like I had an all-American day yesterday.  Cars and hot dogs!  I met my dad, uncle, fake uncle, and a family friend at the Greenwich Concours D’elegance in Greenwich CT.  About a year ago I wrote a post saying that I was going to this show and might stop at Super Duper.  It didn’t happen that year but I made it a point to take care of it this time around.

I’m not a car nut but my father is.  There’s something fun about watching a friend or family member be completely and unabashedly enthused about something.  For my dad, he was completely in his element.  This is my second year joining him on the trip to see a beautiful group of fine American automobiles that have been maintained or restored over the last 100 years (the European cars are today).  It was a humid scorcher of close to 90 degrees, with lots of big-bellied men with shirts getting darker by the minute.  I figured I would put a couple of pictures of some good looking cars. 

The day came to a close and I checked my blackberry to see if Super Duper was still open.  Yes!  8pm on Saturdays!  I parted ways with my dad and uncles and made the trek up I-95 north about 20 exits to Fairfield CT.  On the way up, I had The Sonics cranked on my ipod.  They’re an awesome garage band from Washington in the 60’s.  I got pumped and knew I was on my way to get an awesome meal. 

After I got off the exit, I needed to find a bank to get some cash (because I don’t trust little independent ATM’s in gas stations).  What is it with CT not having any banks around?  It took me almost 20 minutes to find one.  I needed sweet relish STAT and didn’t have time to drive around.  I finally got my money and arrived at Super Duper with a tear in my eye and a tractor beam emitting from my stomach.


Mommmmmm, I want one with that homemade relish I've been hearing about!

I ordered a New Englander and a Georgia Red Hot.  I encourage you to check out the video of Super Duper Weenie I posted last year to get a live action account how the magic happens.  But all the dogs are split down the middle and then stuffed into a tasty and sturdy (split-top?) bun with the fixins!  The New Englander is topped with a strip of bacon, sauerkraut, mustard, sweet relish, and raw onion.  The relish is soooo tasty…the fresh vegetable taste really comes out.  The Georgia Red Hot is spicy sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, and sweet relish.  The sausage had a delicious smokey taste with a lot of heat.  These dogs are well known for a good reason.  Awesome toppings and great meat.  I was talking with Mike while I was there and he practically begged me to eat as many dogs as I could.  I wish I could have, Mike, but the lunch I ate earlier prevented me from even getting fries.  Yes, there’s a certain amount of shame I have now, but Mike made the point that I would just have to go back again.  Agreed!

The mighty New Englander with a mysterious stowaway piece of lettuce.

The scientist explores the cross section of the New Englander

The fiery Georgia Red Hot

The show that started the fever


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