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Dog and Pie, A Perfect Marriage

June 19, 2010

Ali and I went to the Poconos last weekend to get away from the city, as we will do from time to time.  There’s a hike we like to check out that overlooks the Delaware River and I-80.  Everytime we go there we always pass this bakery-farmers store type place with the most magical looking sign out front.  After years of passing by we finally decided to stop in.  It’s no hot dog stand but it was a combo that finally spoke to me!

Ali does her best impression of a hot dog blogger.

The fact that it’s taken me years for us to stop here and get the combo is a bit embarassing.  Although I’m not sure if you would judge me for waiting so long to go there, or for actually going there.  In any event, before seeing the sign, it wasn’t really a combo I had considered but it makes good sense.  You need to balance out a hot dog with something healthy like apple pie. 

I was not thinking that the dog would be anything great.  When we got to the counter I was pretty much right because they have their dogs perpetually turning on the metal rollers.  They had some toppings you could get, but they were extra, and I wanted to get the full impact of $2.49.  I actually think the price went up over the last few years; I’m pretty sure it used to just be $2.  So I got the dog and ordered apple pie.  I’ll go back in November and get the pumpkin pie. it me you're looking for?

The dog was pretty much no-frills; they should definitely put them on the flat grill instead of rollers.  I did enjoy my can of Frozen Run mountain birch beer.  And the pie was pretty awesome.  I have to say this, though, and maybe there are some pie bloggers out there who can back me up.  Once you have found a particular pie crust that tastes the best to you, it’s hard to like any other crusts.  For that reason, I focused more on the apple, which was really sweet and perfectly straddling the soft-crunchy border.  As a whole, the combo definitely satisfied me. 

So…there’s not really anything else to say about the hot dog.  But the place (I still haven’t mentioned the name yet…Village Farmer & Bakery) is very cool and besides selling baked goods made on the premises they seem to sell all local Pennsylvania goods.  So indulge me please for a few other pictures of the place!

The doorway to carbs!

The label says it all.

Pies on a table.

Strudel as big as your head.

Get a t-shirt and express your love.

Village Farmer & Bakery  13 Broad St., Delaware Water Gap PA 18327

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