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John Goes Viking.

August 8, 2010

I’ve said before that Real Good Dogs can turn up anywhere, and I believe that. Especially now that I’ve had a Danish dog from the Danish Dog truck parked under the trees at a farmer’s market in Carver, MA.

This place looks and feels like it's one pair of high leather boots and a corset away from being a Ren Faire.

You can get a small variety of dogs from this truck, run by Annelise Dexter. Most of them are standard fare, and just fair. Canned chili and EZ Cheez. (I feel like I’m obsessing.) The dogs and rolls are nicely steamed, if nothing to write home about. By and large, this is your average hot dog truck, handing out pretty ordinary hot dogs.

Until you order a Danish dog.

The Danish dog is second on the paper menu taped next to the truck’s order window, right under the steamed dog, and the moment you start reading the description you know you’re having one. Danish pickled cucumbers, spicy remoulade and fried, dried onions.

To your first question, since I asked, too: The pickled cucumbers are something of a standard item in Denmark, Annelise told me. She also puts them on her “Viking Burger.” While she didn’t go into detail, she said she has a special way of pickling these thinly sliced, halved cucumber pieces. They’ve got the same thickness as a sushi joint’s pickled ginger. The cold, crisp sweetness of the cuke picks up new tart flavors from the vinegary pickling juice. The remoulade is a thick, spicy sauce that I’m guessing starts life as mayo and then gets lovingly kicked up several Danish notches in Annelise’s truck. They lay it thick on the dog, over starter squirts of mustard and (yes, yes, I know) ketchup. The cukes go over that and then on goes a sprinkling of Durkee-style french fried onions. (And you thought they only went on that green bean and cream-of-mushroom thing everybody makes for Thanksgiving…)

Friends, I give you…the Danish Dog.

If you click this picture, it gets bigger and more delicious.

There’s a whole lot of sensation going on in this dog, especially on that first bite. Spice, vinegar, crunch, crisp, soft, warm… It’s truly amazing. I went back for a second one, of course. (And why not? They’re only $2.50!) My wife got the aforementioned chili dog instead, because she worried she wouldn’t like the whole Danish dog, and her choice warranted not much more than a shrug–although she didn’t mind the taste of the chili. I begrudgingly let her have a bite of mine. She liked the mix of textures and how surprisingly well they went together. And, of course, immediately wished she’d gotten one, too.

I think I’ll take her back for one. Soon.

Danish Dogs
Carver Farmer’s Market at Shurtleff Park
Sundays, 12-4 pm through October

Also parks on Rte 44 in Lakeville, MA

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  1. September 7, 2010 5:33 pm

    whoa!!! danish dogs in massachusetts?!? amazing find.


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