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A blogging virgin no more!

April 2, 2011

I  finally have my chance to post!  I am still fairly new to this whole consumption of encased meats so please bear with me!  For those of you that don’t know me, I work with Mike’s lovely wife Samantha!  I am also the better half to previous blogger Tim-O.  So on to my adventure…….While visiting family down in the Melbourne area of Florida, we happened to stumble upon Mustard’s Last Stand.  The name alone was enough for us to stop!  Not only did they have counter service but they even had a drive through.

The drive-thru

We of course went inside.  The menu was impressive.  I was amazed by the different combinations  that they put together.  Upon studying the menu for about ten minutes, I decided on the “Spudtacular Cheese Dog” which consisted of an all beef vienna dog, potato pancakes, swiss, sport peppers, and brown mustard.  The thought of a potato pancake on a hot dog excited me!  Tim decided on the surf and turf hot dog which consisted of a jumbo fried vienna dog, fried popcorn shrimp, onions, and spicy red chili sauce.  He had never seen this combination before and was very intrigued.   We also split a classic Chicago dog, (gluttonous, I know!) which I had never had before.  My  brother Doug, my cousin Colleen and her fiance Chris also made the trip with us.  Colleen tried the Chicago dog while Chris opted for the “Meathead.”  I think the name speaks for itself.  Polish sausage, kraut, New York onions, chili, and mayo!  My brother opted for nothing……..why I am not really sure!  He is on a health kick I guess.

So much to choose from!!!

After placing our order, we asked if we could take some pictures for this blog and  they were very laid back about it!  We decided to sit outside on a picture perfect day and wait with baited breath for our food to arrive.  The food arrived fairly quickly.  Five hot dogs and a side of garlic fries.  I was impressed!  I thought for the price, they were a good size.  They did give you the option of upgrading to a jumbo dog for an extra buck.  I did notice that my dog had cheddar and not swiss which I actually preferred so it all worked out.  My first bite was heavenly!  The hot dog snapped perfectly.  The bun was nice and soft.  It was not toasted but I do believe that there were poppy seeds on it.  The potato pancakes was just amazing with the combination of the hot dog.  I would have liked a third one on there!  Tim’s surf and turf dog was equally as good.  All and all, everyone enjoyed their meal.  The Chicago dog was intriguing.  They used a hot relish which added a little bite!  The Chicago dog............a little more bite than I was expecting!

Tim getting ready to devour his surf and turf dog and I was not sharing with anyone.

After eating, we were very satisfied.  I asked Tim for is expert opinion, because as you all know, I am new to all of this!  He agreed that the dogs were delish and the prices were about average ($1.99-$4.50).  The next time we return to Florida, a second visit will be in order!  I think I should start looking at the menu now to figure out what to order next…..  Thanks for listening!

We are all waiting with anticipation for our food to arrive

The Meathead


Can you tell that no one liked their hot dogs!

Mustards Last Stand
415 East New Haven ave
Melbourne, FL 32901

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  1. April 3, 2011 8:04 am

    Good job, JM! One comment…one and one half hot dogs can’t be gluttonous to an experienced hot dogger. I know, I know, you weren’t experienced. But now you are.
    The place sounds great and your decription was terrific. I’ll be looking for more posts from you.

  2. April 4, 2011 9:07 am

    Way to go Janelle! I think I see a future for you as a regular contributor–you even got the chow-down shot. Sound like some pretty awesome dogs. Does eating potato pancakes mean that you’re Jewish now?

  3. Banksy permalink
    April 6, 2011 1:59 pm

    Nice job… I love all the pics and the descriptions. On to your selections… well done. I’m a bit retentive when it comes to how things “should” be done when labeled a certain way, so when a joint says they have a “Chicago Dog” and then they put hot relish, or any relish for that matter, that isn’t neon green, well, then they aren’t serving a Chicago Dog. I mean, call it a Capone Dog, or “The Harry Carey,” something that hints that a lot of Chicago elements are there, but don’t call it a Chicago Dog!


  1. Ljúffengur Íslensk Pylsur! « The Hot Dog I Ate

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