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Lobster Hot Dog at Pier 9

April 13, 2011

You might disagree with me right from the title of this post.  Lobster hot dog?  Well, let me give you some more things to disagree with.   First, it’s Chicago-style dog manifested in NYC.  Second, it comes with a price tag of $17.  Ok, so all your red flags and alarm bells are now going off at full blast.  So let’s recap: $17 Chicago-style seafood hot dog served in NYC.  Now that that’s out of our systems, I will tell you that I respected and enjoyed this dog.  Let me take you back to how I came across this strange mix of ingredients.

My friend Hans sent me a message a few weeks ago suggesting we go to dinner at a place in Hells Kitchen called Pier 9.  I was going to tell him that I rarely leave Brooklyn anymore but he knows exactly how to entice me.  His text called me to come out for drinks and lobster hot dogs.  I was hooked.  Bad seafood pun not intended, but I will face the shame and keep it.

My enabler

Pier 9 is a casual kinda trendy pricey seafood joint.  Hans and his partner-in-crime Erica also tempted me with some raw bar specialties, which I usually don’t eat but was feeling adventurous.  I had 2 little neck clams which were great.  My cumulative raw bar experience now includes one oyster and 2 little neck clams. 

Alright, now the lobster hot dog.  I looked up some reviews online and people are clearly not researching their hot dog facts.  One guy said he didn’t know if he was eating a hot dog or something else because of all the toppings.  Clearly, he has never had a Chicago-dog before.  Another reviewer liked it and said it was a great mix of lobster and hot dog meat.  This person obviously did not ask the waiter what the dog was made of.  It also seems that they were probably making footlong versions of this at one point, but you can see in the photo of Hans that this is clearly not the case.

Right off the bat, I should say that this is NOT a lobster roll.  This is a lobster and shrimp hot dog in a sheep casing!  Good sign!  The waiter said some other things about it, but I’m a d-bag and forgot what he said.  I think it might have been something about lobster sauce and cocktail sauce on the dog, but I might have just made that up. 

Professional photo with extra light from iPod

I was very impressed and respected this dog due to the use of actual neon green relish.  They kept it mostly real with the poppy seed bun, tomato, (red) onion and sport pepper.  Not sure if there was celery salt though, and there was no pickle.  But, as Mike suggested to me later, the pickle probably would’ve been too overpowering.  The pepper was nice and hot but a little on the hard and chewy side, so it was eaten separately.  As you can see from the photo, there are also some kind of sprout looking veggies, sauce (which may be my imaginary lobster sauce), and a nice sized dollop of lobster salad.  I think it all worked together, except for the little pepper.  I really enjoyed the dog itself, which tasted like a hot dog at first and then turned into the lobster/shrimp flavors.  At $17 this is the most expensive hot dog I’ve ever had, perhaps due to the lobster.  Not sure it should have been that expensive but I liked it. 

Erica opted out of the hot dog experience and ordered the grilled whole branzino.  I also enticed her with an opportunity to be on the blog, and she very wisely took this once-in-a-month-or-two opportunity. 

I expertly cut off both Hans and Erica's heads from these photos.

Erica expertly cuts off the head of her branzino.

Hans and I enjoyed our weird hot dog selection.  I probably won’t be getting another $17 hot dog anytime soon, but I’m glad to know that this blasphemous creation is out there!

Pier 9 Restaurant    802 9th Avenue  NY NY 10019

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  1. April 14, 2011 12:28 pm

    when you told me it was a lobster hot dog i figured it was a dog topped with lobster. this is amazing! first tim with the hot dog-fish cake combo and now you with the lobster-shrimp dog–is there some sort of seafood trend with hot dogs that we’re on the edge of?

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