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Brats Dogs & Wieners in Chelsea

May 1, 2011

I almost did a shameful thing.  I was thinking that I would write a post after enjoying a whiskey and several shots.  But then I would be copying a previous post that was written with genuine awesome abandon.  Fortunately, I passed out when I got home and therefore didn’t try too hard to be just as cool.  But I did take pictures and found a good sausage joint.

It must have been fate that sent us to a bar in Chelsea that was right next to a place called Brats Dogs & Wieners!  And thank god we hadn’t eaten yet!  The whiskey, beers, and lemondrop shots hit our empty stomachs, making Ali and I realize that sausage sandwiches at 11:30 PM was a fantastic idea.  I think she said something like “Go get some hot dogs, bitches!” 

I stumbled next door and grabbed a stool at the counter.  It’s a completely casual and spruced-up looking diner with low lighting to set the romantic mood for you and your tubular meats.  I was also amazed to see a dozen or so wines on tap behind the counter.  I checked out the middle section of the menu labelled “Old World Sausage Sandwiches” and found my dates for the evening.  The House-Made Dragon Sausage is an all natural pork sausage with pickled red cabbage “kimchee-style,” pea shoots, and spicy sriracha mustard.  The 3 Quickies are mini pork and beef sausages on juniper-bay leaf sauerkraut and a side of house-made pineapple-cola ketchup.  While I waited for my order, I went to the restroom. I had a strange moment when I encountered the enormous fish eye mirror and piggy garbage can.

I got through my Fear and Loathing moment, grabbed the sandwiches, and got back to the bar.  Everyone was jealous of our excellent sausages.

Ali and Emily were here too bitches! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

The take out meal was a success!  The menu says that they serve the sandwiches with a poppy seed bun made at a local bakery.  I thought the bun on the dragon sausage was good and unusual, almost like a grilled flat bread.  I didn’t think the pickled cabbage was reminiscent of kimchee; I thought the layer of sauerkraut underneath the sausage provided the tang on this sandwich.  The sriracha mustard was a great accompaniment and not an overpowering spicy topping.  The pineapple-cola ketchup was good too; a more liquid consistency than ketchup and a nice sweet flavor.  Ali and I were the clear winners of the evening.  I don’t necessarily recommend eating sausages at midnight, but there really isn’t anything else you should be eating after whiskey and beers.

Brats Dogs & Wieners   362 W. 23rd St., NYC

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