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John Gets A Little Corny at McGuiggan’s

August 23, 2011

Because I knew I must, I texted Milkbone the moment I saw the menu: McGuiggan’s has mini corn dogs. Reviewable? His ever-dependable reply came quickly: Absolutely.

There aren’t many bars in my hometown, and of the few we have, fewer still are much good. There’s the place that’s always been there, straightforward and simple and churning out the best pizza in town. There’s the place with free pool that always seems empty. There’s the one, as a friend puts it, that’s the place to go when you’re in the mood for a fight. There’s the meh chain bar, more a restaurant, really. And then there’s McGuiggan’s. Just a couple years old, it’s an Irish pub with a sports bar twist, dark wood and big TV screens and the occasional Irish music seisun tucked in the corner of the room. They make a helluva shepherd’s pie here, and delicious fried pickles. (Okay, not mighty Irish, but wow.)

And there on the the menu, freshly added, were mini corn dogs for $6.

As Milkbone once so sagely pointed out, anything wrapped in cornbread is immediately good. But I worried. Would these be actual miniature hot dogs, or would I be slipped a mickey in the form of deep-fried Vienna sausages, the kitchen working under the assumption that once you’re a couple of Guinesses down you’ll never be able to tell the difference?

All worry for naught, I’m pleased to say. Arriving piping hot from the kitchen, this little basket of a dozen growth-challenged dogs smelled great. A cup of straight-up yellow mustard accompanied them. I dove right in.

First of all, yes, they’re little hot dogs like the ones Boar’s Head sells, coated in a batter that puts up a pretty good barrier of crunch before giving way to a sweet, soft inner liner of cornbread. It’s not very heavy on an individual basis, but once the math sets in it’s one plus one plus one…more plus oh, boy… In retrospect, maybe this was more of a sharing appetizer.

Here’s my one complaint with these tasty little morsels: one mustard does not suffice. I think this would be a much more interesting appetizer with just two more dipping options. True, the yellow mustard is a standard, and it does the job, but later I found myself thinking how good this would be with, say, a sweet chipotle mustard or a nice stone-ground dijon as choices. (Hey, have some fun with this post–in the comment section tell the hot dog world what you think would taste good on these little guys!)

All in all, though, $6 well spent and a nice lead-in to another good dinner at McGuiggan’s.

McGuiggan’s Pub
546 Washington St.
Whitman, MA

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