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Nice Buns! At Sigmund Pretzelshop

September 6, 2011

I don’t think anyone has made the buns joke yet on this blog, and it’s really bad, but I felt compelled.  Plus, it’s pretty much the reason why I went to go check out this dog at Sigmund Pretzelshop.  I took advantage of an early day off at work and decided to hunt this down.  I could have gone for a walk or a jog, I could have gone to see a film, I could have done something constructive around the house, but THIS  is what I decide to do with my free time. 

The Classic

I was recently made aware of Sigmund Pretzelshop through a little feature in Time Out New York Magazine.  A dog with a pretzel bun?  It sounds so exotic and so right at the same time.  Hot dogs and pretzels…duuhhh!  And then shortly after that, the Brooklynauts team at the Brooklyn hot dog cookoff was able to get buns specially made for their dogs.  I went to the bright and airy storefront on Avenue B and found that they have two selections of dogs, the Classic (if my memory is correct) and the Chicago dog.  According to the site, the shop uses all-beef dogs from Schaller & Weber, a sausage and processed meat manufacturer in Queens.  According to S & W’s site, the dogs are made from selected cuts of beef, contain no fillers or extenders, and are stuffed in sheep casing.  As for the pretzels, they are made daily in short batches, in a variety of flavors like jalapeno cheddar and feta olive. 

The hot dog bun is a regular classic pretzel, no salt, but lightly crunchy and soft in the middle.  The dog was topped with a very tangy housemade spiced sauerkraut, and strong mustard with grains the size of small planets.  This is a pretzel shop, and not a hot dog shop, so their focus isn’t necessarily going to be on the dog.  Even though the dogs are from a quality maker, they seemed overpowered by the tang and spice of the kraut and mustard.  Plus, maybe because they focus on pretzels, I think they heated up the dogs in a medium sized convection oven.  That being said, I enjoyed the sandwich, even though it ended up being a complete mess.  I swear I could feel the mustard in my beard, and I’m sure all the people passing by the open windows loved it.

Cheddar Truffle pretzel with beet horseradish

I took a break in between dogs with the cheddar truffle pretzel.  In retrospect, I think I should have gotten something sweet like cinnamon raisin, since cheddar truffle is not usually my taste.  But this was lightly flavored and not overwhelming.  I was disappointed by the beet horseradish, but there’s a catch.  I’ve had homemade horseradish during Passover, and usually go for the stuff that’s so strong it makes your eyes sweat.  This, in comparison, had no power, but was pleasantly beet.

Chicago Dog

I don’t think I’ve had an accurate Chicago dog in NYC, which is fine because it’s not Chicago.  And this is another Chicago-style dog which has some similar toppings.  This had tomato, chopped onion, and sour pickle slices (not a spear).  But it did have a poppy seed pretzel bun, a nice touch.  Even though there were milder toppings on this, the dog itself still seemed pretty mild.  And I was shocked that I had BUN MALFUNCTION!  This was quite a girthy sandwich, and pieces of the bun could not hold up to the carnage. 

Poppy seed pretzel bun

The arty photo

In conclusion, I enjoyed my time at Sigmund and the bun was clearly the intended highlight here.  I thought the dogs themselves were ok, a little mild for my taste.  But I always enjoy the chance to avoid using my time productively and check another dog off the list.

Sigmund Pretzelshop  29 Avenue B  NYC

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