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Hans Visits Deerhead Hot Dogs

September 21, 2011

My buddy Hans is a great friend of the blog and to hot dogs everywhere.  He joined me on our expedition to the Brooklyn Hot Dog Cookoff and stuffed himself, brought me out to try a lobster hot dog, and has sent me pictures and text for two different hot dog joints, one for this entry, and another for a HDJ that’s on the other side of the world.  I hadn’t heard from Hans in a while, but one day an email emerged from the mist.  The subject line was “I was starving…”  He visited Deerhead Hot Dogs, which appears to be a regional HDJ staple in Delaware, however he went to their stand in Maryland.  Hans travels by motorcycle, which you can see next to the stand.  Here is his transmission from the road:

Got off on two exits looking for that snack that’ll keep me going on the back roads back to NYC from DC.  Cresting a hill I see the Real McCoy – an old shack of a restaurant – “perfect” I thought – until I looked across the road…Providence struck – Deerhead Dogs.  5 minutes later I was ‘proudly’ served a double dog – two dogs, one bun, with kraut, mustard, and Deerhead sauce on the side.  Now I only have to get over the food coma before finishing the last 150 miles to home – but worth it.

Thanks again to Hans for his HDJ reporting from the road.  Stay tuned for more of his finds!

Deerhead Hot Dogs  2535 Augustine Herman Hwy  Chesapeake City MD

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