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Roadside Dogs in Woburn – Bark ‘n Bite

October 7, 2011


A week ago I was running errands in Woburn and, just off of Cabot Road by the Calloway Labs, happened to drive by a roadside stand with a huge banner emblazoned with “hot dogs” flapping in the wind.  Those of you who have had the displeasure of riding with me when I come across a surprise HDJ know that I make a hard & quick turnaround and, with a feverish look in my eye, vault out of the car Dukes of Hazard style and line up for a dog.


Since I didn’t have anything else occupying my time I had the pleasure of a leisurely talk with Ron, who runs the stand.  He told me about how he’s been in the food business for most of his working life and has been running the Bark N Bite stand for the past few years.  Ron’s a true lifer in the culinary arts and you could tell by his easy going manner with customers and panache at the grill.


So after doing my usual thing of asking if I could take pictures, I ordered up a chili dog.  Ron pulled out a Kayem and tossed it on the grill then, dipping into a bucket of chili, put a large spoonful onto the grill.  I’ve never seen a chili keep its form like I did this, so I had to grab a shot.  From the moment it hit the grill until he put it on my dog (under the dog, as you’ll see below) it kept its shape and even thickened just a bit.

20111006-103812.jpgOnce ready, I got to choose between several different kinds of mustard–a total bonus since most places might just have one or two options.  I went with Gulden’s, one of my favorites when it comes to eating in the rough.  The somewhat-spicy mustard blended with the velvety and mild chili sauce and the Kayem dog held it all together with a pleasing snappy casing.  There’s not too many types of dogs to choose from at Bark N Bite but Ron more than makes up for that with a wide range of sandwiches and burgers.  My only suggestion would be to expand the hot dog offerings but hey, that’s just me.

20111006-103800.jpgTo top it all off Ron busted out a huge bucket of dog treats when he saw Wee-Bey.  I think she was looking a little guilty in this pic because not only did he give her a hot dog of her own but she had several handfuls of treats to top it all off.  Kudos and thanks to Ron and Bark N Bite!

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