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Chopped BBQ Dogs at Little Brother BBQ

January 4, 2012

Early in December I heard about a new BBQ joint in the neighboring section of Clinton Hill called Little Brother BBQ.  I saw a small blurb in a magazine saying that it’s run by the same people from The Smoke Joint, which has that great pulled pork dog I wrote about earlier in this blog.  It’s also directly next door to Hot Bird, which I also wrote about but which may only serve food in the summer.

Little Brother is a small space with only about 6 tables.  It looks like it was probably a converted repair shop, which is similar to its neighbor, Hot Bird.  Apparently, people drinking over at Hot Bird like to place an order at Little Brother and bring it back over to the bar.  According to the restaurant’s website, Little Brother is an “urban barbecue counter” that “features slow-smoked, all-natural, antibiotic-free, hormone-free meats.”  The main feature of the menu is the chopped beef, pork, or chicken dishes…that means no pulled bbq dishes.  My main objective for this meal were two angus Joint Dogs: one topped with their chili and the other with chopped beef.

Chopped beef up top, chili down below, and corn salad to the side

For NYC prices, these dogs are a steal at $5 each.  They could have been over $10 each somewhere else easily, especially when you source your meat from small farms and ‘artisan’ producers.  The chili dog was unlike anything I’ve had before.  I’m used to thin chili, one step away from a liquid consistency, but this was like a chunky beef brisket stew, with kidney beans, tomato, green onion, and what looks like cilantro.  The brown mustard underneath reminded you that you’re still in hot dog territory.  I don’t think the potato bun was toasted, but my taste buds usually veer away from toasted bread.  It’s a sloppy dog but delicious.  The chopped beef dog was also delicious without the sauciness that the chili dog had.  I ended up trying out a couple of their sauces, including a sweet and vinegary bbq as well as a jalepeno sauce.

Chili Dog

Chopped Beef

Piled high...beef on beef

For fans of the pulled pork dog, this is also a really great one to try.  Or try all four variations: the chopped beef, pork, chicken or chili dog.  Eat up!

Little Brother BBQ   544 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn NY

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  1. January 11, 2012 7:53 am

    wow, the toppings don’t look much different from each other–so much beef! you’ve got a never-ending stomach to take on two of those dogs, my friend. respect.

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