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Nate “D-O-doubleG” in Minneapolis. Although technically it’s “Natedogs”.

April 16, 2012

Alright, let’s start this bad boy off!  First, let’s just say “Ali’s in the HIZOOOOUUUSE—house!” Back in blog with another “comin at you from the balls of the base” blog ’bout some good old fashioned meats of the encased varrrrrietieeees!  We are gonna hit Minneapolis HARD in this post and WITHOUT nitrites OR nitrates!  Can I get a “What WHAT?”  THAT’s what I’m talking ABOUT!!

Dear hot dog fans, I, Alison Sausage McDonald, went to Minneapolis for a work marathon of EPIC proportions.  There were RECORDS set for the amount of work done in a single day and then those records were broken by the amount of work done the NEXT day. Picture this “a printing press, many projects, paper, ink, one girl, and a time limit” now add in the “Shapco Dream Team”, more commonly known as “Shapco Printing in Minneapolis” and a little sea salt and celery juice and you have all the ingredients necessary for Hot Dog assisted ART BOOK DOMINATION.

Time for a SHOUT OUT!  Wuzzzup Joe Avery!  You the printer with the mostest in Minnesota!

Joe Avery, in front of Shapco, the most awarded printer in Minnesota.

The mostest AWARDS in Minnesota that IS!!!!

Joe is the official leader of the Shapco Dream Team.  He is also the culinary genius who brought me face to face with the Natedog.  That’s right, this is a hot dog post so let’s get to the “meat” of the matter, shall we?

Ali and Joe munch.

Ok, so we skipped ahead of our story a bit to show you the chow-down, maybe we should back up a step and explain…

Shapco Printing is many things to many people, but it happens to be across the street from the Twins baseball stadium.  (Side note: Twins are called that because of the “Twin Cities” of Minneapolis and St. Paul, a revelation that while obvious was also mind-blowing for this current blogger).  Natedogs is a hot dog cart with a very upbeat happy owner (Note to the reader: Minneapolis has the nicest people on the planet and that freaks out NYers).  He uses sea salt and celery juice to preserve his meat and that allows him to make hot dogs without nitrites or nitrates.  He explained all the reasons why this worked but I was very tired.  Very tired.

Nate and his menu, he keeps it simple, a dog or a brat, toppings... ladies choice.

His cart was very close to the Twins stadium, but it happens to be in front of The Fulton Brewing Company that recently opened, which happens to be across the street from none other than… (drum roll please) Shapco Printing!  SCORE!!!!  So, between press checks we would walk the excruciatingly long five steps across the street to drink some fresh brew and partake of the many food trucks that frequented their parking lot to cater to our culinary desires, including Natedogs.

Natedogs shines in the distance, between beer and food truck delicacies!

The dog was quite good, I told him to make one the way he would eat it and he layered on purple Carolina Slaw and beer mustard.  He didn’t put bacon jam or scratch made sauerkraut on (like his website boasts), but I am a girl and he probably didn’t think I could take it!  It was snappy and fresh with ingredients that complimented the dog without overpowering it.  The bun was fresh too, which is always critical.  CRITICAL!

That man has a HOT DOG for a HAND!

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable hot dog adventure in the jungle of downtown Minneapolis.  Incidentally Nate was also featured recently on Serious Eats about a recent article covering hot dogs at major league stadiums.  AND he was being photographed for another article being written in a local paper about the brewery (recently opened) and so here is a shot of Nate in action, hot dog holster and all, captured with that photographer.

Nate in action!

If you are ever in Minneapolis (or St. Paul) and the Twins are a’playin then Nate will be a’cookin.  This is “Alison Sausage McDonald” recommended.  Get the beer too.  Mmmmm…beer as Homer Simpson would say.  Oh, and incidentally, Nate has five daughters.  That is a lot of daughters.

That’s all, you’ve been a great crowd, GOODNIGHT!

Natedogs   Various locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Check out his Twitterfeed @Nate_Dogs  for locations and schedule

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  1. April 25, 2012 10:49 am

    wait a minute, you were presented with the option to try bacon jam and you didn’t try it?!? we might have to check your head! the dogs look amazing . . . and the condiment holster looks amazinger. thanks for reporting on location ali-ain’t-got-no-G!

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