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Le Hot Dog at Beny’s Delice

July 10, 2013

Hey there hot doggies!  It’s been about 7 months since I’ve ventured out to find something new.  That’s mainly been due to the training I’ve been giving the new 4 month old co-blogger that’s living with me now.  I think she’s getting the idea of what we do here, even if she doesn’t eat solid food yet.  And recently she said to me “I’m ready.  Show me what’s out there in the world of hot doggery.”  Yes, she is that advanced.  Our fellow blogger, John, usually takes trips to HDJ’s with “the boy.”  Now, I’m going out there with “the kid.”  Seeing as how she is very young, and I’m getting this hang of this caretaking thing, I decided to try a hot dog a few blocks away from our apartment.  I threw on the carrier and we went to a great French cafe and patisserie called Beny’s Delice.

Beny’s Delice has 2 locations fairly close to each other in Brooklyn, but in different neighborhoods.  You can get all kinds of pastries, sandwiches, and entrees at the 5-table cafe.  They even have a small selection of imported goods from France.  I recently got a goat cheese and ratatouille omelette for breakfast, but on this day, I knew I had to get Le Hot Dog.

The Kid and I check out the goods

Pastries, sandwiches, soups, baguettes

In the past few months, I have had to re-learn how to eat, since most of the time there is a person strapped to my chest.  I try to eat with my head turned about 45 degrees off-center so I don’t drop crumbs and sausage on her head.  My arms raise in the air awkwardly and my elbows come dangerously close to the people at the next table.  I have come to appreciate neat and containable food,  and Le Hot Dog is neither of these things.

Le Hot Dog may just end up on le bebe

This will end up all over my face

Le Hot Dog is listed as smoked sausage, swiss cheese, and dijon mustard (my new favorite mustard) on a baguette.  I was very surprised at how they constructed this, and found that they had cut up about 1-2 sausages in sandwich form.  Plus, I usually don’t get a salad with any hot dog I order, so it was nice to have it included.  It was an enjoyable sandwich, but there were some terrifying moments, especially when it seemed like the gooeyness would get squeezed out the back end and onto The Kid’s head.  But I’m an expert, and I saved it like a boss.  Dijon and swiss is a great combination, and both were strong counterpoints to the milder sausage.  After getting the dijon off my face, I took The Kid back home, emotionally spent from our adventure.  I’ll be heading back soon to get something a little more contained, and a bit more healthy.  I’m thinking the Hot Dog & Egg croissant with swiss cheese.

Beny’s Delice  567 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn NY

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