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John Speaks Frankly About the Franks at Frank’s

July 18, 2013

Frank’s restaurant is something of an institution in Brockton, MA. Once the food side of a popular nightclub that’s now a strip joint, Frank’s has been churning out fried seafood, burgers and dogs for decades. You’d think that since I grew up in the area I might have set foot in there before. But I hadn’t. Now at last I have, and I sort of wish…I hadn’t. For me, Frank’s turned out to be a “one man’s treasure” proposition and while folks rave about the fried seafood–and a lot of people got seafood while I was there–it’s not a great find for a hot dog hunter.

Behold, Throg! It is the ancient rune of Yech, here on thy table!

Behold, Throg! It is the ancient rune of Yech, here on thy table!

So what was wrong? Well, the lack of cleanliness was obvious from the moment I walked in the door. Smushed french fries in several places on the floor, every free table badly in need of a wipe-down. After I ordered I sat down, opting for what I think was the cleanest booth–the one that had  just a decorative, ancient-runic swirl of some sort of leftover sauce at its center, which I took a picture of before getting a napkin and wiping it off.

The only dog listed on the menu board is “hot dog,” so when the counter guy asked what I wanted on my two, I played it safe with mustard and onions. The dogs and the rolls get done on the flat-top and while the rolls get a decent toasting, a little schmear of butter wouldn’t have hurt. The dogs were a standard, okay meat frank that didn’t pick up much snap from the griddle, but they were of a decent size, so points there. The onions had that pale, vinegary tang that says “We’ve been here a while!”, so loss of points there.


My visit was late in the afternoon and I’d gotten hungry enough to eat just about anything. In fact, I had been looking for an entirely different (non-dog) place and couldn’t find it. So I landed at Frank’s by default. And that was my fault. I think it would have to be under these exact conditions, or one that involved a very late evening and a more-than-reasonable amount of adult beverages, that I’d opt for a dog from Frank’s again.  Maybe I’ll go back for the fish & chips sometime. I hear they’re good.

265 N. Pearl St., Brockton MA

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