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A Quick Father’s Day Snack at the Crif Dogs Truck

June 15, 2014

Firstly, let’s wish Mike a happy first Father’s Day!  I don’t think dogs were a part of his day, but I think he did get around to smoking some meat.  Nice one, Mike! As for me, I wasn’t planning on any dogs.  My plan for my second Father’s Day involved donuts and BBQ, not necessarily at the same time.  Ali started off a perfect day for me by picking up a ham egg & cheese sandwich, and my favorite lemon poppy donut from Dough.  We eventually went out and walked over to Prospect Park, where a dozen food trucks were parked by the front entrance.  One of them happened to be Crif Dogs.  I wasn’t planning on getting a dog, but Father’s Day is a great reason to eat anything I want.  And thus, I ate the Spicy Red Neck.



Daddy loves his gals and hot dog trucks


Spicy Red Neck

Spicy Red Neck




The Spicy Red Neck is a house dog (beef & pork, smoked & deep fried), wrapped in bacon, and topped with chili, jalapeños and cole slaw.  A nice package overall: a chili tasting like brisket, hot peppers and creamy cole slaw.  Disclaimer: I’m personally not a big fan of bacon-wrapped hot dogs, because I think they can overpower the taste of the dog itself.  But I like this red neck and it was the perfect mid-afternoon Father’s Day snack.  Thank Crif Truck! And thanks to my gals for making it a great day!

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